The Best Scented Soy Candles

wood wick candle

KenzShop offers premium homemade soy candles for anyone looking for the highest quality soy candle at an affordable price.

We offer candles in many different sizes and fragrances (165+ fragrances and counting), including Baked Goods, Candy, Cologne & Perfume, Drinks, Floral, Fruits & Berries, and many more. The wax we use is 100% Soy wax and makes very little sooting candles. (Make sure to keep your wicks trimmed.) was started with you the customer in mind. Every one of our fragrances are tested in Soy Wax, and only the strong survive.

The clean burn you will experience from our candles, and the great scent throw will get you coming back for more and more.

All fragrances we use are of the highest quality. If we don't carry a specific fragrance, and you want it, we will have our lab work on making a fragrance that suits you.

We sell and wholesale all of our candles. Wholesale Candles is just what we say, if you can afford to buy in bulk, we offer a discount for candles that are purchased in bulk. If we don't list it on our site just Contact Us and we can try and work out a deal that will suit us both. Buy our candles in bulk and save alot of money. We are always thinking of the customer.

In short, KenzShop is here for you, the customer. We wish to develop a long term relationship with you where both of us are happy, that is why we sell only Soy Candles of the highest quality.


Ordering Information

Payment Types

We accept Paypal through our Candle Store, **We also accept payments of Cash or Money Order.

**When paying by Cash or Money Order, we will ship upon receipt.

Refunds and exchanges are made only on defective product(s):
We will need defective product(s) returned to us. Claims on defective product(s) must be submitted in writing within 7 business days.

Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order.